EACD 2024

To support people who may otherwise not attend EACD Annual Meetings, the EACD Bruges 2024 Organizing Committee is providing a number of bursaries for both professionals and families!


Monday 4 September 2023:
Launch call for bursary applications

Friday 29 September 2023:
Deadline submissions for bursaries

Friday 6 October 2023:
Communication of acceptance/rejection to applicants

General guidelines

To support professionals from low income countries to attend EACD Bruges 2024, we are providing bursaries for professionals, and bursaries for families, for on-site participation. The EACD Bruges 2024 Organizing Committee seeks out applicants who are highly motivated, and who are ready to disseminate knowledge acquired at the meeting to others in their home country once they return. Particular emphasis is placed on assisting those from Hinari countries.

Bursary recipients receive:

- Waived on-site registration to EACD Bruges 2024;

- Valuable networking opportunities;

- Opportunity to learn from multi-disciplinary experts in the field of childhood-onset disabilities.

Application process

To apply for an EACD 2024 Bursary, please visit https://eacd.org/bursaries and submit your application via the Bursary Application tool by at latest Friday 29 September 2023. Please note incomplete applications will be rejected.